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Company Introduction


Since, 06,August, 2000

 Liuzhou Changfeng Packing S&T Company Ltd.(Changfeng Co.) is one of the biggest package bag maker in China,which is set up in 1992,Changfeng Co had registered the brand name as Changfeng brand.We can produce different kind of package suit your need.For example,we can supply the Changfeng brand name of PP woven coating bag,PP woven bag laminated with/without Kraft pager,soft Jumbo bag,glue pager bag and so on.The Changfeng bags are widely used in various areas.Such as in packing Cement, Chemical,fertilizer,ore,feed,foods,sugar and port site package etc. After eight years development,we are one of the biggest packing manufacturer in Mainland China with fixed assets about 80 million RMB.In order to develop our Market Capacity,we enlarge our productivity capacity and improve our bag quality continually.
1. We have imported an 90' the latest new technology PP woven bag making production line from W&H CO.,Germany and Starlinger CO.,Austria comply with two new domestic production lines with total output for 55 million bags per year.
2. We have also one production line of soft jumbo bag,which can supply 300 thousand jumbo bags to you per year.
3. You can have glue paper bag from us because we have a latest glue paper bag production line which can product 25 million glue pager bags per year.All we consider is how to make the best product to our customer. We know if we want the best quality,we must have best staff. Therefore we focus on training our staff and give them chance to explore their aptitude in their jobs.This is a fact why our company can growth up double every year.Liuzhou Changfeng has own adage is "To contest the best product to open the new market"
   We hope you will gain the maximum benefit when you enjoy our choice services and best quality product.We also do our best to impluse the step and to develop of the society. Liuzhou Changfeng has registered and based on the ISO-9002 to establish our selves "quality guarantee system". Our quality has passed the test and is approved our standard higher than the Country standard by China Quality Control Department. We also award the permit of "manufacturing of dangerous export comestic packing" from CCIB.We have already received the certificate of cement packing bag manufacturing enterprises issued by State Administration of Building Materials Industry. Liuzhou Changfeng base on the latest of technical management,democracy of factory leadership and agility of business manner welcome and waiting for yourt visit and cooperation.

Tel:+86 772-13397726000 3757888 Fax: 3757888
Zip:545008  ADD:No.62,Liutai Road,Liuzhou,Guangxi,China    桂ICP備08003746號