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FIBCs (Flexible  Intermediate Bulk Containers)  1. 綜述
 FIBCs is called Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also  known as “big bags”, “bulk sacks”, 
having body made of flexible polypropylene  woven fabric. 
 They  are first manufactured in the late 1950s or early 1960s in America, Europe and Japan. 
The first FIBCs were  constructed with heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester fabric and the initial cost of  
these heavy-duty PVC containers is extremely high. They are mainly used for  multi-trip in rubber industry 
with average loading capacity of 2 metric ton per  bag. Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers manufactured
 with polyolefin fabrics  were experimented in England,  Japan, Canada, and the United States at about the 
 time in the late 1960s to the early 1970s. It was the development of these  high-strength light weight 
(i.e., polypropylene) and the specialized  weaving technology that spurred the growth of the Flexible 
Bulk  Containers that are universally used today. 
 They  have the following characteristics:  

Generally, FIBCs is the ideal economical and durable packaging material, which have been widely used in various industries such as chemicals, minerals, construction, plastics, agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals, etc.
FIBCs – Dimensions   2.尺寸規格

Polypropylene Fabric Data

Sizing of the FIBCs
When selecting the size fo an FIBC, the following criteria must be considered:

Bag height is max twice diameter of the bag bottom. Any sizing questions, please contact us and we will design exactly the FIBC your require.

Volume and Usual Dimensions(cm)


FIBCs - Lifting Styles     3.吊帶款式

Circular Woven with 4 Cross-corner Rigid Loops



  • Circular PP woven fabric for square base type: from 70x70cm to 100x100cm
  • Circular PP woven fabric for circular base type: from Φ90cm to Φ120cm
  • Standard SWL from 500kg to 1500kg at SF 6:1 or 2000kg at SF 5:1
  • Rolled sewing at bottom for reduced sifting
  • Lift loops can be made from fibrillated webbing for rigidity and ease of lifting


U-panel with 4 Standard CornerRigid Loops



  • It's the most popular FIBC shape for large capacity
  • Loops are sewn with or into vertical seams
  • Standard SWL from 500kg to 2000kg at SF 5:1 or
  • Sewing method: chain stitching, overlock stitching+safety stitching


Four Panel with Internal Baffles



  • Internal baffles are adopted to provide tautness so to avoid round out on filling
  • Baffle bag store25-30% more product in a given space
  • Baffle construction offers maximum stability and better stackability
  • Suitable packaging for low density products


Single or Double Lift Point Bags



  • single or double lift point bags, using the body fabric of the bag as the lift.
  • Economical packaging for low cost commodities such as cement,fertilizer,salt, etc.
  • Designed for central point lift and it's user friendly


Sleeve Lifts


  • Sleeve lift using the body fabric for forklift handling, no need of lift webbing
  • Sleeve lift is economical, but strong enough for single or multi-trip applications
  • Sleeve lift is mainly used for fertilizer industry


Special Lift Choices




Stevedore Loops-A

Stevedore Loops-B

Extra Loops




Loop in Loop

Lower Loops

Fully Belted Bottom

Lifting Loops choices:

Diverse types of lift loops are available for choice according to color, material, and function requirements. The standard lift loop colors include white, black, red, green, blue, yellow. Rigid PP loops and soft polyester loops are also can be made at customer's request. The standard width are 2",3" 4" .


FIBCs – Filling       4.進料口款式

Open Top


  • For construction materials such as stones or sand e.g. which need no extraordinary protection
  • Easy filling for manual filling or big filling materials

Filling Slot


  • Top lid with a slot to allow a filling tube insertion into the bag
  • No closing or tie on top
  • Ideal for bags with inner-liners

Filling Skirt


  • Easy filling for manual filling or big filling materials
  • Filling skirt provide further protection for filling materials by closing with ties

Filling Spout


  • Most popular filling option
  • Standard dimension: Ø 36 x 46cm (height)
  • Special dimensions on request
  • Extra inner ties possible for binding of liner


Conical Top


  • Most popular filling option
  • Standard dimension: Ø 36 x 46cm (height)
  • Special dimensions on request
  • Extra inner ties possible for binding of liner


Capuchon Skirt


  • Draw string closed top
  • Round piece remains inside to close round hole in the middle

Capuchon Spout(Pajamas Style)


  • External draw string protect internal spout
  • Easy closing by draw string
  • Top flap after filling


FIBCs – Discharging    5.下料口款式

Flat Bottom


  • Usually for single use only
  • cut open manually or by a discharging apparatus or set on an FIBC-discharge equipment

Discharging Spout


  • For single or multi-trip bag
  • Single or double layer (dust-free)
  • Usually swan-neck tied with ties or B-lock
  • Standard dimension:Ø 35 x 50cm (height)

Flat Bottom


  • Sewn 1 side and attached at opposite side with velcro, ties or straps fastened with buckles
  • Coated fabric for protection against moisture or dust, epecially for hygiene bags

Capuchon Spout ( Pajamas Style)


  • Using coated fabric to protect from dirt
  • Inner spout with ties
  • Outer part with funnel for tie-string closing
  • Exactly flat base after closing and when filled

Petal Closure ( Star Closure)


  • Most popular discharging spout
  • Standard dimension: Ø 36 x 46cm (height)
  • Special dimensions on request
  • Exactly flat base after closing and when filled

Conical Base


  • Making discharging easy for semi-bulk products, for discharging devices without vibriation or purser installations

Discharging Skirt


  • Four side flaps with ties to ensure safe closing
  • Usually for multi-trip bags, ensure full opening bottom when discharging

Full Open Bottom


  • Quick discharge, ensure full opening bottom when discharging

Side Discharge


  • Eliminates manual lifting and improves ergonomics
  • Suit for semi-bulk material with poor flowing characteristics

FIBCs – Sewing      6.縫制


There are different kinds of sewing methods available for FIBCs making, including parallel stitching, Over-lock stitching, chain stitching.
For fine powder products, bag seams can also be sewn with different sewing methods for dust proofing.It will prevent material leakage and contamination. According to the fineness of the contents and anti-sift requirements, different anti-sift materials are available for choice, such as filler cord, felt, and polyester straps.

FIBCs – Marking      7.標嘜

Document Pouch



  • Standard: LDPE, Transparent, Zip closure, 3-4 mil thickness
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Can be attached on various places of the bag




  • Information such as Company Logo, Commodity Name and Contents, Warnings, etc can be displayed.
  • Any colors are possible according to Pantone standard Color Card
  • Print options:
    1 side / 1 color; 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors
    2 side / 1 color; 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors
    3 side / 1 color; 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors
    4 side / 1 color; 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors

Durable label with printing can be attached to the FIBCs body permanently to ensure the safety of the user. It clearly provides information of technical data including safety working load, safety factor and whether it is single-trip or multi-trip, etc. It also has proper drawings of recommended handling methods as well as complete information about FIBCs standards.

FIBCs – Liner 8.內袋

LLDPE/LDPE liner are available to prevent the incursion of moisture, these liners can be loose inserted, sewn in or glued to all kinds of outer bags.
Liners can be make in different shapes to be fixed inside of outer bags.
Full open top with sealed bottom
Fill spout with sealed bottom
Fill spout with cubic bottom
Fill spout / Discharging spout ( can be made cone shaped)
Sewn in methods including:
Sewn tab: Reinforcement tape tabs attached to the liner are sewn into the corner seams of outer bag. The tabs position the liner during filling and discharging of products.
Sewn flange: Extended flanges of the form-fit liner are sewn between the panels of top and side, bottom and side.





Gusseted Open Top

Fill Spout/ Sealed Bottom

Fill Spout/ Cubic Bottom

Fill Spout / Discharge Spout